Bright Minds Learning Center offers a fun-packed Pre-School Curriculum designed to help children develop their own skills and achieve milestones through hands-on activities such as building, creating and manipulating different materials, supplies, games and toys to help them prepare for Kindergarten.

Our program focuses on the development of the whole child by enhancing the child's cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills through art, music, exploration, roll play, alphabet and reading, numbers and math skills, shapes and colors, and physical movement outdoors.

Our Preschool classrooms are designed to provide children the opportunity to play and learn. Rooms are provided with a library, an activity table, chalkboard or whiteboard, reading area, STEM area and several learning and manipulative toys.

Daily activities are planned and implemented according to the age, interests and needs of the child. Our knowledgeable and caring teachers guide children through the different activities during the day and provide them enough freedom to allow their imagination and creativity to expand and develop their skills and talents into confident, independent and successful learners.

Our Pre-School children will learn to:

- Write their name and spell it out loud: develop writing skills

- Count and recognize numbers

- Recognize letters, shapes and colors

- Build more complex structures (houses, castles, cars)

- Expand their vocabulary, establish reading readiness skills

- Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills

- Develop social skills, be a team player, cooperate and share

- Use good manners and respect others

- Develop a positive self-image

- Become confident about their own skills and talents