In our efforts to set a strong educational foundation for the children who attend Bright Minds Learning Center, we have implemented STEM into our curriculum. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities promote creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking; we want to encourage our future doers, innovators and inventors.

Exposing kids to simple STEM ideas and activities at an early stage of life today help set a foundation for higher learning tomorrow. Our STEM activities do not follow a rigorous academic lecture-based curriculum because at such young age, children's brains learn by playing, moving, doing, creating and building; we allow children to grow at their own pace, naturally, in a healthy and strong environment.

We have implemented several activities to help children develop Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts in their early life so they grow up confident about these concepts while having fun.

We believe every child can achieve greatness and we strive to provide the most current age-appropriate resources to help children discover their inner creative minds and not be afraid as they begin their formal education.