Toddlers will make huge strides physically, intellectually and emotionally. They will start to show many interests and new skills such as throwing, kicking and catching a ball, squatting, climbing, pushing, and pulling. They are curious by nature as they continue to learn about the world around them. They are working hard on their fine and gross motor skills, improving their coordination and becoming more confident as they prepare to take their first steps.

As they become more aware of the world around them, they may experience some separation anxiety from their parents. Our trained instructors are taught to provide special care and attention in situations where a child might need more care and nurturing to help them feel safe, comfortable and loved.

At our Center, children will be allowed to be kids, to explore, play, experiment and most importantly to feel free to roam around their world in a safe environment.

They will be exposed to our age appropriate cognitively-developed curriculum. Our teachers are ready to provide the right combination of encouragement, support and guidance through:

- Arts and crafts: creative minds at work

- Speech and Language development: Reading time where teacher reads aloud and points at pictures, colors, shapes, animals, trees, etc. Teachers sing and teach children new songs to encourage language development and movement.

- Math: numbers, shapes, colors and manipulative toys.

- Fine motor skills: sorting, stacking, wooden puzzles, cubes, soft blocks.

- Gross motor skills: riding toys and pushing and pulling toys, throwing and catching a ball, dancing, climbing size appropriate playground equipment, outside play.

- Social and emotional development: learning everyday with their peers and teachers through group play, songs, dance, games, sharing, meal time.

- Potty Training: see our Potty Training page.