Our Pre-K program is designed to prepare children for Kindergarten. Children will be immersed in our Discovery Station© Curriculum for ages 4-5 years old. In our Early Learning Program, children will be given the essential tools to feel confident and secure as they successfully step into big kid school (Kindergarten).

Our units are designed to provide children the opportunity to play, create and learn. Our STEM-packed weekly activities and manipulatives are complemented with Science Projects kids get to develop with their teachers as they explore, problem-solve and start showing their strong and confident personalities as they are allowed to participate, question, and give their own opinions, ideas and explanation to how and why things happen around us and in nature.

Our Pre-K children will learn to:

– Develop strong reading and writing skills:

  • Write their name and spell it out loud
  • Letter and name tracing
  • Challenging line/shape strokes tracing
  • Introduction to Upper and Lower Case letters
  • Cutting with scissors, cut and paste projects
  • My Letter Book weekly letter booklet activity
  • Enriched story time – weekly themes
  • Recognize all the letters in the alphabet
  • Vocabulary expansion, establishing strong reading readiness

– Challenging math activities:

  • Improved counting and number recognition skills up to 30 or more.
  • Simple addition equations and subtraction
  • Experts in shapes and colors
  • Build more complex structures (houses, castles, bridges, racetracks, forts)
  • Measuring things by comparison (bigger than, as tall as)
  • Understanding ordinal terms: First, second, third
  • More complex patterns

– Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills

– Develop a positive self-image

– Become confident about their own skills and talents

– Social Skills:

  • Be a team player, understand teamwork
  • Cooperate and share with others
  • Use good manners and respect others
  • Responsible about their belongings
  • Keep their cubbies organized and clean
  • Pick up after themselves
  • Use toilet and properly wash hands unassisted
  • Ability to listen and understand instructions:
    • Classroom jobs
    • Responsibilities
    • Expectations

– Physical Movement:

  • Outdoor mud-kitchen (role play)
  • Outdoor play and exploration
  • Planting a garden during Springtime
  • Fieldtrips
  • Daily Yoga
  • Dance and music
  • Art
  • Free play

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